Joint DDBST User/Consortium Member 2014 Closed

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The meeting has taken place on Tuesday, September 16th. A variety of lectures and discussions contribute to a pleasant and fruitful atmosphere which continued on Wednesday, September 17th. DDBST and the UNIFAC Consortium have received appreciation for last year's work and also proposals and suggestions for the future work.

We welcomed 35 guests company representatives from all over the world, most of them UNIFAC Consortium members and DDBST customers and a few guests. We were happy that we had several lectures from our customers and members and also from companies where we established scientific and technical cooperations.

We are now in the process of collecting all the information from our meeting, preparing some reports about the discussions, and updating information material. We hope to publish it and also distribute the internal information for the UNIFAC consortium members in the next few weeks.


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