Antitrust Statement

The consortium for the

Revision, Extension and Further Development of the Group Contribution Methods UNIFAC, Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund), the Predictive-SRK Equation of State (PSRK) and the Volume Translated Peng-Robinson group contribution equation of state (VTPR)

constitutes an academic research program, which is supported by a significant number of universities and private companies worldwide. Research results of this research program are made available to all members on a yearly basis.

In the US, this type of consortium is covered by the National Cooperative Research Act of 1984 (NCRA, amended in 1993).

The development of group contribution methods for the prediction of the real behavior of liquid and gaseous mixtures is clearly precompetitive general research. It is not specifically focused on any industrial process or product. Member institutions do not belong to a specific industry but are very diverse and in most cases are not competing in a common market.

A registration of the consortium is not required in Germany. Also we are not aware of any regulations, that require the registration of foreign consortia in other countries like the US.

In order to guarantee general accessibility to the results of the research program, the consortium accepts new members at any time. This is only restricted in case of organizations that are subject to an international embargo. Membership fees of the consortium are relatively low and do not constitute a serious barrier for new members.

New members immediately are granted access to the current and all previous results of the research program.

The consortium does therefore not collide with any anti-trust regulations.