Typical Results for Glycerol

Due to its importance in food, chemical industry and pharmaceutical applications or in the production of biodiesel as bioproduct, a new specific main group has been introduced for the prediction of phase equilibria and excess properties of systems containing glycerol.


[Vapor-Liquid Equilibria] [Liquid-Liquid Equilibria]

Vapor-Liquid Equilibria

The first example shows isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria for water-glycerol

and the second example shows isobaric vapor-liquid equilibria for the system 1,2-propanediol-glycerol

Liquid-Liquid Equilibria

Thought for being used for extraction and liquid membrane separation, here is an example which illustrates exemplarily this equilibrium behavior for the glycerol-2-butanone system.

Liquid-liquid Equilibrium of Glycerole and 2-Butanone